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    Tianlong Hotel

    Zhuo water area  qjzsjq.com  2017/6/27  

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    Tel: 023-79310013
    Fax number: 023-79318888
    Featured Hotels: Lijin Business Hotel is located in Wuyuan County, Ziyang Town, 263-11 Wen Gong North Road, located in the downtown area, and food through a street through. The hotel is tastefully decorated and has 28 guest rooms.
    Location: No. 791 Jiefang Road, Qianjiang District

        Tianlong Hotel under the Chongqing Chaotianmen commerce limited liability company, is the Chongqing municipal authorities staff travel designated hotel reception.
        The hotel room has 124 types of luxury rooms, which can accommodate more than 200 people. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, equipped with high-grade, central air conditioning, broadband network, intelligent hotel management system and fire safety monitoring system. Hotel catering department set up a large banquet hall, all kinds of luxury boxes and multi-purpose hall, can accommodate more than 400 people dining. Tianlong Island entertainment aircraft carrier is a nightclub, bath, sauna, health care in one of the large luxury entertainment supermarket. The hotel also has a large parking lot and four functional meeting rooms, ideal for business, meeting and travel.
        Reservation Phone: 79237828
        Club call: 79237948
        Nearby Attractions Recommended: Little South China Sea, Zhuo Shui Guzhen, Puhua Heihe, Turtle Gap, Wuling Mountain, Canyon Park


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